The Artist

Lee is an actor and writer born in Hamburg, Germany on January 9th 1986. He grew up in Hamburg, Zurich and Murcia, in southern Spain. He attended seven schools in three countries, until finishing high school in Spain and along the way acquired native fluency in German, English and Spanish. At the age of nineteen (2005) he moved to Vancouver, Canada to study film acting at VADA (Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts) from where he graduated in March 2006. After three years of traveling and living in countries such as Spain, England, Australia and Thailand, since he held it vital to acquire and expand his perspectives on life, he returned to studying Drama in 2009 at the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin, a theater school in the heart of Berlin, Germany from where he graduated with distinction in the summer of 2012. And after a short period in Los Angeles, studying under Gregory Berg at the Berg Studio and under Matthew Harrison at the Actors Foundry in Vancouver, Canada, Lee returned to Europe to pursue an international career in film, tv, theatre and as a novelist.

"Acting is about embracing all the human qualities in us. The ones we consider desirable, the ones we consider less desirable and putting all that to use, in the measure and depending on the demands of the given part. The role is never to be judged and as an actor I am there to serve the story and only the story, never myself. 

Everything that a character could feel is already in us, hence what we have to do, is unlock that knowledge in the adequate measure. 

As the actor once said, 'acting is about looking the other guy in the eye and telling the truth.' ~ And I'll add, 'tell the truth, in which the character believes.' 

The circumstances determine the actions to be taken. The actions define the character. The likes and dislikes determine our actions in the circumstances. 

I also believe in reclaiming what the Greeks once devised it for, in telling meaningful and socially important stories, leaving aside personal vanities and the thirst for recognition. Creation is the job of the writer. Enacting and embodying is the job of the actor. Whether it be on stage or on the screen, I consider this to be an actors main purpose.

There is a greater purpose than making people laugh and cry, but for the audience to be able to  see themselves reflected, to make them think, wonder, dream."